Other Villas

Ambalama Pavilion

Ambalama Pavilion is designed so that the house completely merges with the surrounding nature. Transparent walls evoke a feeling that the antique furniture and double canopy bed are standing right in the heart of an enchanted garden. It’s only in the tropics that you can shower outside all year around, so we built the bathroom under the open sky. Please be aware that Ambalama Pavilion is located closest to the main gate and the driveway. Although it is completely enclosed by the garden, we do not recommend staying here if you are a light sleeper.

Beach Hut Muhudu bella

The Beach Hut Muhudu Bella is located away from the other spaces and is the closest to the ocean, just a couple of meters from the sandy Jungle Beach. Stepping out through the huge glass bedroom door and onto the secluded wooden terrace, you can literally feel the salty spray on your face. Almost nowhere else you will find a chalet whose floor plan uses the golden Fibonacci spiral. To get to the bathroom you walk down from the round bedroom via a swirling stairway. This is the closest villa to the beach so you might hear sounds from the beach.

Garden House Nelum

Our luxurious Garden House Nelum has a special surprise for you: a huge bathtub made of a single piece of marble right in the bedroom. The rest of the space is divided into a cozy living room with a dining table and a chill out area with TV and a soft sofa that can easily be transformed into a bed.

Villa Walauwa

A carefully restored ancient Sri Lankan village home, Villa Walauwa features a fully equipped kitchen, a living room with a large, plush sofa, TV, and every other comfort you could imagine. Life in Villa Walauwa revolves around the veranda, opening up to the Indian Ocean. Here you will find an enormous dining table that seats twelve people and beautifully upholstered furniture for every taste. The shade and coolness of the tree canopy during the day, and the magnificent colours of the sunset in the evening will linger in your dreams long after you leave.