Recharge & Feel Good Package

Do you want to spend your holiday in an environment that enables you to fully practice your active lifestyle? Or are you just getting started with a healthier way of life? Eraeliya Villas & Gardens has something special for you…

As human beings we have to keep balancing in life to get a happy and healthy life. In this package you will experience a new way of life where you can identify your body, mind and soul needed to get the balancing of your life.

8 reasons to choose this package

10 nights stay

2 sessions of relaxing massage for each guest

Beautifully designed room

1 complimentary coconut for each guest every day

Complimentary fruit platter

Special local experience

2 yoga-sessions

Light dinner option

Find the best space for your practice

Surrounded by nature, Eraeliya is truly an ideal space to enjoy the peace and tranquility and embrace a spiritual practice. Every room has a huge private terrace or a lush tropical garden where you can do yoga or meditation. But the most magical practice would be right by the ocean! With love and care of our guests we have a large collection of mats, bricks and other equipment. Nestled in the gardens is a fitness zone overlooking the ocean, with pull-up bars and weights where workouts and private classes can be held.

Eat well, healthy and plenty

We developed our special menu for you. The food is not only based on the health benefits but also nutritious and most importantly – it’s yummy! At Eraeliya Villas & Gardens healthy food equals tasty food. You will feel strong, energized and will never leave the table hungry – promise!

Feel energized and connected
to yourself

We will make sure you leave Eraeliya Villas & Gardens feeling rested, energized, healthy and toned. And perhaps even start a few new habits that will lead to a long healthier life. Our beautiful rooms and spacious gardens are designed for you to switch off completely from the outside world and focus on your inner needs.